Why tiny houses?

Tiny living has allowed us to downsize and focus on the things that really matter in life.  Small spaces allow you to connect with nature, save money, and live your life as an adventure.  We want to share that experience with you because it has changed our lives.


Don't you feel cramped in a tiny house?

Well, if you throw your high school reunion at Live A Little, then maybe.  Our tiny houses were all designed to maximize space and openness.  We paid special attention to our common areas to make them feel huge.  We do this with lots of windows (45 in 4 houses), cathedral ceilings, skylights, and portholes.  Not to mention a spacious deck on each house to enjoy even more outdoor space!  

Do you have a weird toilet?

Nope.  Simple and easy are our favorite words, so we have comfort height flush toilets in each rental.

Been there, done that, is there a T-Shirt?

Of course! Click here to get your Live A Little Tee and check out our other merch.

Where are you located?

We searched for the perfect piece of land for a year.  We are perched on the Western bluff of Lookout Mountain, 15-20 minutes outside of Chattanooga, TN! Mind-blowing sunsets every night.  It is quiet, serene, and happens to be next to a world famous hang-gliding site, creating an unrivaled scene in the sky above.

Can I bring my grandma's chihuahua?

Part of our vision for Live A Little Chatt. is building in the ability to relax, with peace and quiet.  Unfortunately, we can't control the behavior of other pets, so we are keeping our spot pet-free to protect your serenity.

Other questions, comments, concerns, smack talk, etc?

Hit Brian & Joe up here.